Fun and Easy Controls for Your Video Calls & Computing

Innovative, physically customizable keypads with status lights

For remote work, distance learning & teaching, and accessibility

Maker-friendly components

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Thanks for a successful Kickstarter launch!

Thanks to our backers and our team, we:​

  • reached 100%+ funded in a day

  • got 1.2K+ strong backers / ChonkerBuddies

  • achieved 450%+ of our funding goal in 30 days

  • received 20+ press mentions, most notably from our friends in Japan. Domo Arigatou!

  • became a Kickstarter Project We Love, for demonstrating creativity and passion

  • have 20K+ video plays. Check it out!

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Featured by 20+ sites and press!
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ChonkerKeys are good for work, learning, teaching, social and accessibility in video meetings and computing
Simple, single button controls for video meetings
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Large LED lights tell your status on mute, video, screen sharing, raised hand and other statuses
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Tactile, audible button clicks
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Physically reconfigure the keys to suit your needs thanks to innovative, patented mechanism
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Windows 10 will be supported
Mac will be supported too
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Even iPad and work computer can be partially supported, using shortcut keys. No software install required
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Platform support will be continually added through software updates
Hot swappable switches. NeoPixel (WS2812B / SK6812) LEDs. QMK-compatible MCU, ATMEGA332U4
Make it yours. How you set it up is up to you!

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ChonkerKeys: The Origin

This is the funniest Kickstarter video I've ever seen

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ChonkerKeys is a creation of ANWC Limited, whose vision is to make technology easy to use through hardware, software and an active community, while making gadgets that are useful for a long time.